Pure Blue Japan

Pure Blue Japan - Since its inception "Syoaiya" , Pure Blue Japan (PBJ) has etched its legacy as a powerhouse in Japanese Denim, hailed as an indigo dyeing and fading maestro. Born from Kenichi Iwaya's denim passion, nurtured in Okayama, the brand emerged in 1997. Iwaya-San's devotion lies in crafting fabrics that transcend the ordinary, boasting unique slubby textures and unmistakable character. Armed with shuttle looms from Ibara, Okayama, and premium cottons from the United States and India, he intricately weaves Pure Blue Japan's vision.

Elevating the classic jean to modern heights, PBJ enthralls denim aficionados globally with contemporary cuts and fades that stand out in the blue blooded crowd. Recent milestones include the creation of extraordinary fabrics like the legendary "super slub" and "nep," coupled with the use of hand-applied natural Tokushima indigo dyes for their standout "Aizome" pieces. As a brand that's unapologetically cool and authentically Japanese, Pure Blue Japan continues to redefine the denim game with innovation and style.