The Flat Head


The Flat Head stands as a pinnacle among Japanese repro Americana-style brands. Conceived by Mayashi Kobayashi, an ardent devotee of 1950s American fashion, the brand sprang to life in 1996, drawing inspiration from the music, motorcycles, cars, and architecture of that golden era, deeply steeped in the culture of rockabilly. Garnering a steadfast following, particularly in Asia, the brand is revered for its unmatched craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

At the heart of The Flat Head's collection are signature pieces like their horsehair jackets, wallets, flannels, T-shirts, and denim, celebrated for their exceptional quality and unique vertical fading. Each item reflects the brand's ethos, which holds that true perfection is attained only through the journey of being worn and personalized by its wearer.

" Life long Kodawari super!" Fanatical about creating the only Japan-crafted denim experience